Saturday, July 18, 2009

SwInG SeT!!

Have you ever seen such an amazing swing set. Would you believe it's around 35 years old? This amazing piece of playground equipment resides in my parents back yard. Who built this? My Grandpa!! When my grandparents bought which is now my parents house nearly 40 years ago. The swings have had to be replaced but it has kept it's main structure. My grandparents lived in this house my whole life and this is the swing set that I grew up playing on. From my Mom and her siblings, to us grandkids, and now the great grandkids. Going on three generations. What a legacy to leave behind. My grandpa Barton was an amazing man. We love you grandpa and we are so thankful for you giving us such a wonderful gift. It's always been the center of the fun at grandma and grandpa's house!!

Playin with the web cam

My niece Madison and my baby doll Mason were playing with my mom's web cam today. They took some really cute pictures. Mason in a swirl. And one of them together.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's A Girl!!

We are soooo excited!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday at the Theater

Daylen and Reese along with my brother's kids (Curt) Madison, Morgan, and Brenan put on a play for us this afternoon. It was sooo cute. Madison put all of their costumes together. She should go into the business. They all looked darling. Daylen looked really cute with his unibrow. They even had names. Fun Times!!

From left to right....Hippy Madie, 1981 Prom Queen AKA Carla Deweltsey, Fairy Larry AKA Mary Contary, Sexy Mexy AKA Jesus Zoinkers and Hottie Potottie AKA Majinka Tucker.

My Cute Daylen

My little pirate Reese.

My Niece Madison

My niece Morgan

And my cute nephew Brenan

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mesquite 2009

Here are some pictures of us in Mesquite. Camron and I didn't make it to Las Vegas he had to come home. Rob, Trudy, Daylen, and the girls headed down yesterday. They are staying till tomorrow. Hopefully I can get Trudy's camera and add those pictures to this. Till then ENJOY!!